Monday, August 24, 2009

Process of discovery

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That presents to me another option, the online choice. The majority agrees the World Wide Web has taken the battle field of marketing totally. There is a lot of discussion about people generating tons of money on the internet and it appears to be a superbly attractive deal. There comes to mind the question of how to get started. You go through the process of discovery. First of all, you conclude that you need a website, right?
Whether hand-made or computer generated, at last you put the finishing touches to your website and it is now online. You wait. Nobody comes. You realize that having a website is only the initial point of a tortuous and difficult process. You are then faced with another word: TRAFFIC.
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whatever comes

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The easy life. And its next door neighbor, the unbearably lousy life. Does life have to be great? For many it does. What then? We may drive fancy, expensive cars, we still die. To have a huge amount of stocks and bonds, would be desirable. I can't argue with that. To be wanting in anything at all, that would suck. Again, pretty simple. I have always believed that I would never find it impossible to live the financially independent life. I'm agile enough, I thought. I can take whatever comes my way and be a winner.
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It's a walk in the park when one is just starting and his entire life before him. What transpires when one begins to grow older and energies start to weaken? Will the chances also become thin? No one can see how life will turn out and anyone who has lived croaks at a point in time. What is the point of living a rich or a poor life? Come to think of it, the houses we build don't last forever and neither do we.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tired thoughts

Why should I have to think the same old thoughts? I no longer feel any affinity or affection for those old thoughts that defined my old life. I am tired of those thoughts. They mean nothing to me anymore and I surmise, they only served to pull me down.

There is a path that needs to be taken and I have kept myself from this path because of the old thoughts that dominated my mind. This world is so tired, so over-used. Everyone is stupid including myself. We all think the same old tired thoughts that only serve to make this stupid world so predictable.

Everyone seeks to have power, pleasure, property. There is a march towards death and everyone is on that road while still clinging to the old thoughts of self and desire. What a stupid way to live and eventually waste a life.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Treasure Hunters

Last year I came to collaborate with a couple of guys who I found very dynamic as well as interesting. After getting to know them a little bit, I learned that they too had their own taste of running after buried treasure which was a surprise. I had thought that I would be the only one I knew who went crazy about gold and treasure. Well here they were, young guys who were as crazy as I was.

The stories they told were much more involved and filled with the adventure but also the drudgery and frustration of having to dig holes, pits even on the say-so of someone who claims to be a living witness but who in the end would turn out to be a scam artist whose only contact with gold was his golden tongue that knew how to play on the gold lust of people like me and these two guys. Another friend of mine, a Japanese electronics engineer who was also bitten by the treasure bug has forsaken his old life in Japan to live in the Philippines.

Anyway, here's Cagayan de Oro City with another one: Cagayan de Oro City. My Cebu City site has made pr1, surprise, surprise. Dumaguete is still in the boondocks as far as Google goes but Dumaguete has made some headway.

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Friday, December 21, 2007


Greed blinds us. I think that to a great extent there was greed in my heart or stomach or whereverit may reside. Greed makes us do things. I try to say that there was something else besides greed that powered by quest for some mythical and legendary treasure that could very well be gone by the time that I got bitten by the bug.

To consider it now, I could see myself as being completely hoodwinked by myself. I went willingly with the story spun by people less educated than me and I bought these stories hook, line and sinker. Such a fool I was.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

A Different Kind of Treasure

Treasures have always fascinated mankind and I never stopped to think why this is so. We all know about Ali Baba and his cave filled with fabulous treasures hidden from the world by a magic spell that responds to the name a tiny seed. Aladdin has a different kind of treasure, one that is capable of creating treasure on demand. We love such nonsense and never tire of them. I suppose that deep inside we just want to get treasures and, a lot of them, without having to work at all. There is a treasure which we can conjure up with our fingers but these treasures are not physical in nature but intellectual. Here are a few of them:

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The universe even in its vastness, is limited. This owes to the fact that the universe is material in nature. Hence, the universe is limited. Given man's proclivity for owning things and accumulating those that he cannot even hope to consume in a number of lifetimes, if there was a way of doing it, man would lay claim to the universe and call it his own. He would have a problem administering a quasar or a black hole but he would surely love to show off his title of ownership to these if it could be done.

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A different kind of treasure is intellectual treasure. Here, there can be no question of scarcity. One can accumulate intellectual treasures without the danger of depriving others. We can all grab what we desire and there would be more than enough for everyone else.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Living in Cagayan de Oro

If you live in Cagayn de Oro City long enough you inevitably brush shoulders with treasure hunters or people who knew people who are treasure hunters. Almost everyone has a story to tell about some treasure or other. There is the old army Colonel who used to be the terror of Mindanao who has gone through everything that he has and more. He has stories. His eyes tell you what many like him take for Gospel Truth, that Yamashita's Gold is still waiting out there.

I went back to Cagayan de Oro City again and the stories are nothing more than echoes in my memmory that no longer hold any magic for me. I no longer enjoy thinking back on those nights when I would drive alone to some rendezvous with shadowy people with stories of treasures, Wells Fargo strong boxes and Liberty Bonds.

Yamashita and his fabled gold was part of my world. but that world does not matter anymore. What matters now is Ching's World and what it stands for. Ching's World is a brave new world and may yet come true.

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